The mutability of color and light in nature

Transitions in color and light occur as natural events unfold.
While a single photographic image may freeze a moment in time,
it cannot embody the sequence of changes that natural events exhibit for their duration.

The work in my portfolio represents the ongoing experience of several events in nature rather than individual moments within those events. Using sequential photography as data, my work explores the transitions that take place around us as nature takes its course. Images taken in real time are combined and arranged chronologically to construct representations of natural events in progress.

The passage of time may thus be experienced within these works.

3 WEEKS: Hibiscus bush in snowdrift

14 HOURS: Sunlight on ash tree

90 MINUTES: Sunset over the Mississippi River

1 YEAR: Views of a Midwest garden (9.30 a.m.)


12 HOURS: Elm tree’s last day

30 SECONDS: Waterfall

4 HOURS: Days end at sea

1 HOUR: Morning sun on snow

6 MONTHS: Oriental lily

2 DAYS: Lake Atitlan volcano (Guatemala)

90 SECONDS: Sunlight on water (triptych)

90 MINUTES: Winter sunset over cornfield

4 DAYS: Midwest sky in winter


FOR PRINTS OF MY WORK: Please contact me at tom@thomaspheinz.com to discuss size and pricing.